1. Jim
    Jim March 27, 2013 at 9:52 am


    I was sort of dreading Glen pass and Forester too on my 15 day hike. My plan had been to camp at Wood’s Creek, then Center Basin Creek. Getting to Wood’s around noon I decided to push on. I camped almost at the foot of Glen at the last Rae Lake. Set my alarm for a pre-dawn start. It was cold. Hiked 1/2 hour in the dark by headlamp. Then dawn slowly arrived, and suddenly I was at the top of the pass. That’s all? It was an easy up for me. Got to Center Basin before noon, kept trucking and arrived at Tyndall Creek by tea time. The two most dreaded passes both in one day.

    I think the issue with Glen is the steepness (though a good trail) and total climb from either Wood’s or Bubbs’ Creeks. From Rae Lakes or Charlotte/Kearsarge Lakes it isn’t all that big a deal.


    1. Ray
      Ray March 28, 2013 at 7:26 am

      Jim, That is EXACTLY the way to do it. (Although I may not do two in one day.) You get to spend the night at a great place (last Rae Lake) and you tackle Glen with strong legs. I’ve also noticed that hiking uphill in the dark seems to be easier than during the day. Something psychological I suspect. Thanks for the comment!

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