1. boba
    boba March 15, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Ahh VVR sticker shock. I have stayed at VVR since way back when, during Butch and Peggy’s proprietorship. I blame it on the first (free) beer. Still it is a great place for the zero day (which you will pay for if you overnight in the tent, the first night is free, the second is not) You can also do laundry there – but it is best to aggregate the load with other hikers.
    Old timers story- Peggy used to start making the pies at 0400 (propane oven doesn’t need the generator) and of course the hikers would wake smelling them baking. She called it the complimentary wake-up call.
    Two things about VVR you neglect to mention – First is the campfire. Usually you don’t see many of your fellow hikers at night. Because everyone has a different pace, (I roll 15-20 miles a day), you may meet people at Tuolumne or Reds Meadow but never see them again. VVR is the catch point, a log jam, where you meet others out there. As such you get to hear the stories and what not. BTW – This is when the bill goes up because beer and chips cost money. I learned the word “touron” there. A hiker doing the JMT S>N arrived at Happy Isles to see a touron feeding a bear. LOL.
    The other one is the Hiker’s Barrel. That’s where the food (and occasional extraneous gear) that hikers no longer want goes. The one thing that doesn’t cost you anything is quite a benefit. I always raid it for oatmeal or breakfast foods. I also have found some nice first aid items.
    I’m under the impression the same exists at MTR, however, I have never stayed there.
    Of course the raison d’etre for both places is the need for resupply. VVR doesn’t require the bucket, which is in its favor. MTR is further up the trail, two days closer to the end, meaning you only need 7/8/9 days food.

    1. Ray
      Ray March 16, 2013 at 7:41 am

      Thanks for the great comment! Upon reflection, I may have been a bit too hard on VVR. They really are some great people and the services they provide are first rate. If you are careful, you can get and out of there quite reasonably.

      Thanks, also, for noting the campfire and the hiker’s barrel.

      Good hiking!

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