1. Bob
    Bob March 14, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Ah yes, the infamous gear triangle! Thanks for bringing this back up, Ray, I’ve been struggling with this one for several weeks now as I obtain the gear that gets my weight down to target (started at about 15 lbs over my max weight, now I’m only 2 lbs shy of my goal). Good resources include REI and Erik the Black. Erik has several good gear suggestions, from every aspect of your triangle. REI, of course, has lots of resources, gear reviews, and tons of great stuff to buy. I’m lucky that I can afford to go well into the green area to avoid weight and comfort problems, so I’m not the person to ask for advice on gear purchases. But I still try to be cost-conscious (my resources aren’t limitless, after all), and I relish a bargain just like the next hiker/shopper. Your blog has, of course, offered many good suggestions over the years and I’ve availed myself of them as well. Glad to see the blog keeps up its relevance, you have certainly not shown any signs of data fatigue–keep up the great work, my friend!

  2. Introducing Camp Crate
    Introducing Camp Crate April 24, 2017 at 3:32 am

    […] JMT as a one-time experience is the investment in gear. As I’ve pointed out before (see the Gear Triangle), the best and lightest stuff is easy to find, as long as you are willing to pay. There are places […]

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