1. Lange
    Lange December 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Interesting app. I suppose there is some redundancy with devices like an InReach in terms of progress tracking, although I only activate my InReach service for the one month of my JMT walk last summer.
    On the topic of “false alarm” if your phone dies and can’t send a progress update – I found myself facing this with my InReach last summer. For reasons unknown, my InReach screen went black on Day 3 of my hike. The green light was flashing, indicating it had power, but I couldn’t navigate the screen, couldn’t power down, and couldn’t connect via the phone app. By my agreed emergency plan, I realised that I only had ~24 hrs before worried phone calls would start being made. Fortunately I read the small print on the device, figured out there was a “hard reboot” option, and this solved the issue.
    However, this is an important consideration for emergency plans based on electronic tracking devices – if your device malfunctions (and you are otherwise fine), and you have no other means of sending a message, figure out what your Plan B is going to be before the SAR come looking for you!

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