1. […] forwards we pass into the John Muir National Forest. From here we had to climb up to Selden pass (http://jmtbook.com/john-muir-trail-selden-pass/). Such a long climb bringing us back into dense forest and alpine lakes. The lakes produced […]

  2. vhrubio19@gmail.com
    vhrubio19@gmail.com September 1, 2022 at 2:00 am

    Hello Ray,
    Thanks for your review.
    My buddy and i did a hike from down John Muir Ranch Re-supply station up to Selden Pass and back down. We came across a good handfull of JMT hikers as they descended down from Selden Pass and let me tell you; they were glowing at 8 AM as they traversed a bit down ways to it!
    Your review totally nailed it! It was extremely beautiful and will be back again! (PCT2023)
    A million time thanks!
    Happy hiking!

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