“I’ve read a lot of material in preparing for my JMT hike this summer and feel your new book should be read by any and all prospective JMT hikers.  While you modestly state that your effort is not a guidebook, I respectfully disagree.  The book,  along  with  your  video  trail  log,  is  far  more  descriptive…”

          ~ Bruce C.

“Again, I really enjoyed the trip, I mean the book.  It is well written and you were able to describe the adventure well enough that I could easily imagine myself being there with you.  Minus the physical exertion, sore feet, aching muscles, lack of hot food and hot showers, and cold nights sleeping on a deflated mattress, of course.”

          ~ Frank H.

“Thanks for the great photos!  Even more motivation.  [Y]our e-book was the voice of reason and encouragement that I needed to convince myself that I can do this.  Very practical and sane approach – well done.”

          ~ Tom R.

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