Whether your’re training for your grand adventure or have already done all or part of it, wear a shirt that shows the world where your heart is!  Each of these designs are available on a variety of shirts (men’s and women’s, several different colors and grades of shirts) from the good folks at Zazzle.com.  More stlyles added each month!


Shop at: www.zazzle.com/johnmuirtrail


john muir trail, sierra nevada, hiking, yosmite

Wear this shirt during your training sessions to remind you of what you're up against!


john muir trail, yosemite, sierra nevada, hiking

This is a nice quad design featuring some of the highlights of the trail.


john muir trail, yosemite, sierra nevada, hiking

A little humor: if you packaged the JMT what would the nurtitional values look like?


john muir trail, yosemite, sierra nevada, hiking

This design illustrates the ascents and descents you'll face (or possibly already have accomplished!) while on the trail.





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  2. Thomas Scholz
    Thomas Scholz August 2, 2021 at 8:24 am

    You forgot Trail Crest. It is a pass.

  3. Robert Tichich
    Robert Tichich June 10, 2022 at 9:10 am

    Ray – Thank you for writing an extremely informative and interesting article. I do however believe that you are wrong in claiming that Trail Crest is not on the JMT.
    The JMT as everyone knows either terminates or originates on the summit of Mount Whitney depending on one’s direction of travel. Either way, one must pass through Trail Crest. Therefore Trail Crest IS on the JMT.

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